HP OMEN Gaming Hub is a comprehensive software application designed to enhance the gaming experience on HP OMEN devices. Developed by HP Inc. the application serves as a centralised hub to optimise gaming performance, configure settings and access various gaming related features. Let's take a look at the main features and answer some frequently asked questions about HP OMEN Gaming Hub.

Key features

  1. Performance Optimisation: HP OMEN Gaming Hub allows users to optimise the performance of their OMEN devices for a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.
  2. Personalisation options:Users can personalise their gaming setup by adjusting settings such as lighting, sound and key assignments through the intuitive Gaming Hub interface.
  3. Game Optimisation: The app provides tools to optimise gameplay, including the ability to prioritise network traffic for smoother online play.
  4. Driver and Firmware Updates: Keep your OMEN devices up to date with the latest driver and firmware updates to ensure compatibility with new games and optimal system performance.
  5. Access to OMEN services: The Game Centre serves as a gateway to various OMEN services, giving users access to exclusive content, events and community features.


HP OMEN Gaming Hub, developed by HP Inc. is a powerful tool for gamers using OMEN devices. With performance optimisation, customisation features and access to exclusive content, the Gaming Hub demonstrates HP's commitment to providing a premium gaming experience. As gaming technology continues to evolve, the HP OMEN Gaming Hub remains a valuable asset for users looking to maximise the capabilities of their OMEN gaming systems.